Last time I told you how we use POSITIVE SELF LABELING to get the most out of the children in our classes. In this post, I want to describe: Strategy #3 -- WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME For example, our instructors at Bill Stevens karate Ramsey NJ might say, "Who wants to get to the next level in martial arts?" (kids all raise their hand) "Well, if you do, you are going to have to learn this new martial art…Read More

  2. Positive Praise First -Karate in Ramsey nj

    I want to discuss a common mistake that I've seen other teachers and parents sometimes make along the way. In their desire to help children do their very best, they offer "constructive criticism" right from the very beginning. However, if children hear praise first, they are much more willing to keep improving. We train our instructors in the Ramsey Karate studio to seek the positives first, to be…Read More

  3. Make the right choice

    In this newsletter, I want to discuss a concern we frequently hear from parents  at Bill Stevens Karate Ramsey NJ about making the right choice. They ask: "If someone asks my child to do drugs (or some other harmful activity), will he or she make the right choice? Well, in my years of experience in working with children teaching Martial Arts in Ramsey NJ of all ages, I've found there are two key…Read More


    Last time I told you how we use POSITIVE LABELING as one our strategies to get the most out of children in our classes at Bill Stevens Karate Ramsey NJ. Our parents use this strategy also with great results. Are you continuously looking for opportunities to POSITIVELY LABEL your child? In this newsletter I want to tell you about the second of the three strategies we frequently use. Strategy #2 is …Read More

  5. POSITIVE LABELING Helps kids go the extra mile!

    Ever wish that your child would make the choice to do something harder than take the easy way out? I repeatedly hear this concern from parents. At Bill Stevens Karate in Ramsey NJ, after years of working with kids, we have developed some very successful strategies to get the very best out of children. I'll describe three of  these strategies in the next few Blog posts. The underlying goal with al…Read More

  6. Life Lessons Learned Through Karate

    Raising kids can be tough.  Aside from helping your 7 year-old with their math, science, and reading homework, you are also striving to instill other important social skills that they will need for the rest of their life.  As adults, we know that there are some life skills and lessons that simply cannot be taught in a traditional classroom.  Many of us turn to team sports or other activities to…Read More

  7. Give Your Kids the Gift of Karate Classes in Ramsey This Holiday Season

    Do you really want to give your children a load of presents they'll be bored with by the New Year? Instead, give them a gift they'll remember forever by giving your kids karate lessons in our Ramsey karate studio! We're always forming new classes, so you can get them signed up to start before or after the Christmas holidays. They'll remember these classes the rest of their life, and they'll le…Read More

  8. Classes for Beginners are Forming Now in Our Karate Studio in Franklin Lakes

    Our karate studio in Franklin Lakes is currently forming classes for adult beginners. If you've been looking for a fun and challenging way to lose weight and get in shape, this is the perfect class for you. Or, if you've always been interested in martial arts but haven't ever taken a class, start with this one. Our beginners class is a great place to get your feet wet, learn more about martial …Read More

  9. Looking for Karate for Kids in Ramsey, New Jersey?

    Look no further than Bergen County’s Premier Martial Arts Studio – Stevens Karate All parents want the very best for their children.  Part of the responsibility of being a parent is providing your child all the tools they need to mature into satisfied, happy young adults.  There is no better way to help prepare your child for a self-actualized future than enrolling them in karate for kids in…Read More