1. April 22 2019 Bill Stevens Karate of Ramsey NJ Visits Upper Saddle River Reynolds School

    On April 22 2019 Bill Stevens Karate of Ramsey NJ Visits Upper Saddle River Reynolds School for a Karate demo. The event focused on teaching the kids the Mind and body relationships,and how it helps kids learn. When asked about the event Bill Stevens said: “It was a great chance for all the kids to try out the basics of Karate and Martial arts. We explained how Martial arts is more about getting…Read More

  2. Consistency For Kids when learning Martial Arts in Ramsey NJ

    At Bill Stevns Karate in Ramsey NJ  I talked about how we use routines and structure in our martial arts classes to help our students develop their ability to focus. That's why martial arts in commonly recommended for children with A.D.D. I encourage you to strengthen the routines and patterns you have with your children. Having this structure helps them establish a solid footing in their work. G…Read More

  3. Tae kwon do studio in Ramsey nj

    At Bill Stevens Karate we have many methods for motivating students. Because of our proven success in the lives of countless adults and children, I've suggested martial arts as a vehicle for your family's improvement. The principles we practice in class have larger relevance for children in school, for adults in the work- place and for families at home. Where do you start? With a positive mental a…Read More

  4. At Bill Stevens Karate Ramsey NJ ,We do Great Birthday Parties!

    Thinking about having your Child's Birthday at a Fun unique place? At Bill Stevens Karate Ramsey NJ ,We do Great Birthday Parties! Here's how it works , Normally Saturday Afternoons up to 25 kids (we can accommodate more just Ask) Price $200 for Non members,$150 for current Karate school members Food and Decorations are up to you. Games, Fun, Karate lesson, we do all the work ,you can relax and en…Read More

  5. Ramsey NJ Karate Studio

      I shared our school's technique for motivating students to try harder, which we call "Praise, Correct, Praise and Challenge." I want to offer some insight into the importance of setting the atmosphere. But first, let me ask you a question: When you were a kid, when did you ask your parents for money? When they were in a good mood, of course! You knew they'd be more receptive and generous if…Read More

  6. Martial arts for kids Ramsey NJ

    I want to discuss a concern we frequently hear from parents at Bill Stevens karate in Ramsey nj about making the right choice. They ask: "If someone asks my child to do drugs (or some other harmful activity), will he or she make the right choice? Well, in my years of experience in working with children of all ages, I've found there are two key determinants to children making the right choice. 1. L…Read More


    Last time I told you how we use POSITIVE SELF LABELING to get the most out of the children in our classes. In this post, I want to describe: Strategy #3 -- WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME For example, our instructors at Bill Stevens karate Ramsey NJ might say, "Who wants to get to the next level in martial arts?" (kids all raise their hand) "Well, if you do, you are going to have to learn this new martial art…Read More