Ramsey NJ Martial arts

At Bill Stevns Karate in Ramsey NJ  I talked about how we use routines and structure in
our martial arts classes to help our students develop their
ability to focus.

That’s why martial arts in commonly recommended for children
with A.D.D.
I encourage you to strengthen the routines and patterns you have
with your children.
Having this structure helps them establish a solid footing in
their work.
Good teachers at school use these same techniques – they start
the day with a consistent routine and then utilize an established
class format throughout the day.
Now let’s move on to the topic of repetition, another important
keystone in learning martial arts in Ramsey NJ.
Parents certainly know how repetition appeals to children: How
many times have you read the same bedtime story over and over?
Children crave routines and patterns that help them feel secure.
Learning and mastering patterns is essential in the martial
arts. In order to progress to the next belt or rank, one must
memorize a form (also called “kata”).
Because these forms progress in difficulty, they help sharpen
focus and build concentration. Once a student has mastered their
form, they have a great sense of confidence and enthusiasm as
their skills progress.
The importance of learning Karate in Ramsey NJ through rhythms

and patterns is very often overlooked in our modern lives.

Our society sometimesurges us to let go of the old and constantly move onto thenewest and most exciting toy,

blockbuster movie or gadget. Help and encourage your child to understand and value the
importance of repetition and structure into their lives. Let them
hold onto old favorites, enjoy their favorite meal and yes, read
that bedtime story to them one more time.

All the Best , Bill Stevens Karate ,Ramsey NJ