Ramsey nj karate studioAn important Life Lesson for children to learn are the
physical skills that show self-confidence.

They included having great posture, maintaining eye contact,
and speaking with a loud and clear voice. At our Karate school in Ramsey NJ I
suggested some ways to help you work with your child to
improve his or her posture.

In this newsletter I will stress the importance of good eye
contact. In our martial arts classes in Ramsey NJ  we demand that our
students look us in the eye when we are talking to them.

If a child looks away, I stop talking and remind him or her
to look at me.

If the problem persists, I mirror the behavior and say,
“Imagine if I was talking to you and I kept looking away
like this (talk, keeping eyes on the ground). Funny, isn’t
it? So let’s not do it.”

Parents, tell your children specifically how you want them
to behave and have them live up to it. Otherwise, children
do not know how — or understand why — they must act in
a certain way.At Bill Stevens Karate in Ramsey NJ we always try to teach more than just kicking and punching. Come check out a free trial class!