karate studioRecently at our Karate studio in Ramsey NJ,

we delved into the topic of discipline and are ready to explain in greater                                                                                                                                                               detail how we cultivate discipline in our martial arts academies.

I am sharing these strategies with you with the hope that you
can establish and promote more positive discipline habits in
your home.

We’ve already discussed the importance of making discipline
a positive quality to embody. Setting goals and working at
them bit by bit gives your child a steady path toward

In our martial arts studio in Ramsey NJ , we place high expectations upon our
students (ultimately, we want them to achieve black belt
status), but we realize this mighty task takes time and

We work hard to encourage and motivate the lower-ranking
students. We set goals that are readily achievable to help them
internalize what’s necessary for success. (Parents, you do the
same thing when you put structures and routines in place to
help your child know what needs to be accomplished, such as
setting the bed and having a specific time and place for doing

As our students progress in rank and skill level, more of the
responsibility gets transferred to them. They are expected to:

* Be able to teach what they’ve already learned
* Lead some of our routines, such as warm-ups
* Act as mentors to lower-ranking students.

As their self-discipline grows, so does the level of

Let me mention here that students are praised and awarded
for their accomplishments; this is an important aspect to the
positive self-discipline we work to promote.

We work through a variety of incentives, from stickers to
exclusive parties and elite teams. Yes, good discipline is an
expectation, but it is one that we never fail to notice and

I hope these concepts can help you cultivate and appreciate
better discipline in your home, and in your child.

Regards, Master Bill Stevens