Raising kids can be tough.  Aside from helping your 7 year-old with their math, science, and reading homework, you are also striving to instill other important social skills that they will need for the rest of their life.  As adults, we know that there are some life skills and lessons that simply cannot be taught in a traditional classroom.  Many of us turn to team sports or other activities to help our kids cultivate these skills and put them to practice.  There is no better sport to teach and emphasize such skills than karate.  When you sign your child up for kids karate at the Ramsey studio, they will learn life lessons that are sure to help set them up for long term success.

Nothing says success like achieving your goals.  Karate is great for helping a child learn to set and achieve goals.  With each new belt they will discover new ways to reach their next goal.  Each belt requires a new set of skills.  Your child will learn what needs to be done and accomplished in order for them to move onto the next level and in doing so, it will also boost their confidence level!

Karate students also learn important lessons in respect.  In today’s world of social media and technology, it seems that kids are losing their sense of respect for others.  In karate, your child will learn to show unyielding respect to their instructor, as well as their fellow classmates. This respect is also fostered through karate’s foundation of nonviolent conflict resolution.

Although, some may think that karate encourages violence, the exact opposite is true.  Karate students learn peaceful conflict resolution skills and they are taught the importance of avoiding physical altercations.

Karate is a great outlet for kids!  It is also a great opportunity for them to learn and practice essential life skills.  Sign your child up today and we guarantee you will be amazed at the strides your child will make physically and socially.  Contact us if you have any questions about karate and the philosophy behind it.