In this newsletter, I want to discuss a concern we frequently
hear from parents  at Bill Stevens Karate Ramsey NJ

about making the right choice. They ask:

“If someone asks my child to do drugs (or some other harmful
activity), will he or she make the right choice?

Well, in my years of experience in working with children teaching Martial Arts in Ramsey NJ

of all ages, I’ve found there are two key determinants to children
making the right choice.

1. Level of Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Children with the highest level of self confidence and self
esteem will always make the right choices because they will
not wilt under peer pressure. That’s why martial arts places
so much emphasis on developing children in this area.

2. The Personal Standards Others Have For Them

We’ve learned that children generally  live up to whatever
standard we expect of them. Within martial arts we use the
level of “black belt” as a way to communicate the standards
we expect. For example, we label our black belt achievers
as the children who never give up, do their best, are always
honest and are the most respectful.

We encourage our parents to work as hard as we do in building
their child’s self-esteem and setting high standards.

For example, related to education, we have some parents who
expect a masters degree from all of their children and, to know
one’s surprise, that’s what ends up happening.

Kids will live up to the image they have of themselves and the
adults in their life have of them — and, if that image is a
positive one, they will always make the right choices in life.

At Bill Stevens Karate studio in Ramsey NJ ,We make learning Fun!

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