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Ever wish that your child would make the choice to do something
harder than take the easy way out?

I repeatedly hear this concern from parents.

At Bill Stevens Karate in Ramsey NJ, after years of working with kids, we have developed some
very successful strategies to get the very best out of children.

I’ll describe three of ┬áthese strategies in the next few Blog posts.

The underlying goal with all of our LIFE LESSONS is to get
children to develop the motivation from within to want to do the
right thing.


For example at the karate studio in Ramsey NJ, if we want our children to do good push ups our
instructors might say:
“I know you are real strong! Can you show me 10 good push ups.”
In other words, we label the child the way we want them to

How can you apply this strategy? You might say to your child:

“I know you like a real challenge and are smart, why don’t you
ask for that extra credit work in school.”

POSITIVE LABELING — it helps us get the most out of our
children and, if you aren’t already using this strategy, I’m
sure it will help you.

Thank you for your interest in our karate studio in Ramsey NJ.