Last time I told you how we use POSITIVE LABELING as one our

strategies to get the most out of children in our classes at Bill Stevens Karate Ramsey NJ.

Our parents use this strategy also with great results.

Are you continuously looking for opportunities to POSITIVELY
LABEL your child?

In this newsletter I want to tell you about the second of the
three strategies we frequently use.


For example, we might ask the entire class at our Karate Studio in Ramsey NJ:

“Who wants to be strong?” (kids all raise their hand)

“Who wants big muscles?” (kids all raise their hands).

“Who wants a super strong hand technique?” (kids raise their

“Well if you want these things than you are going to have to
do push ups. Show me your ten best push ups.”

In other words, we let our children label themselves with a
goal and then we show them out to accomplish it.

How can you apply this strategy? You might say to your child:

“You want to be smart?” (yep, your child says) “You want good
grades?” (yep, your child says). “Then, getting all your homework
done is going to be very important.”

POSITIVE SELF LABELING — it works for us and it will work for