karate lessons ramsey nj

I shared our school’s technique for motivating
students to try harder, which we call “Praise, Correct, Praise
and Challenge.” I want to offer some insight
into the importance of setting the atmosphere.

But first, let me ask you a question: When you were a kid, when
did you ask your parents for money? When they were in a good
mood, of course! You knew they’d be more receptive and generous
if they were feeling happy.

We do the same thing with students, setting a positive
atmosphere and reaping positive results.

To do this, we make sure Bill Stevens Karate in Ramsey nj is an upbeat place to be.
I tell my instructors that as leaders in my school, we are in
the business of creating a mood for learning and being the best.

Stated very simply, we want to project a positive spirit and set
the stage to make sure students are inspired to learn.

As parents, you know that being positive around your children
will always make them strive to be the best. As we mentioned
in previous newsletters, students are motivated by praise and

When students and families walk in the door, we greet one
another with a bow and a smile. From the moment they step foot
into the Ramsey Karate studio , they know they will be treated with positive

Therefore, they do not fear being ridiculed for trying. They do
not fear failure because they know they will be encouraged to
keep going even when the going is tough.

By creating a positive, upbeat mood, we have found that students
at our karate dojo in Ramsey NJ don’t fear trying new things, even if they are difficult. They
know they are in a positive place.