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Last time I told you how we use POSITIVE SELF LABELING to
get the most out of the children in our classes.

In this post, I want to describe:

Strategy #3 — WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME

For example, our instructors at Bill Stevens karate Ramsey NJ might say,

“Who wants to get to the next level in martial arts?” (kids all
raise their hand)

“Well, if you do, you are going to have to learn this new
martial arts move and I will give you a sticker when you do.”

In other words, we let our children at our Ramsey Karate studio
set a goal for themselves and then we tell them how and
offer an award if they accomplish the goal set.

How can you apply this strategy? You might say to your child:

“Do you want good grades” (yep, your child says)

“Well, if you do, you should ask for extra credit at school.
That will give you a better shot at good grades and you can
get extra play time (or some other family incentive).

Just make sure your child knows WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM.

In this and the last two newsletters I’ve shared
strategies we use at our Ramsey karate studio
to get the most out of our children. I hope
you have found this information valuable.

In the next newsletter I’m going to discuss how to help your
child make the right choices in life.