Summer is nearly half way over, and we are willing to bet you are hearing the “I’m bored!” lament more often than you’d like to be. If you are searching for ways to keep your kids busy until school starts, check out our kids karate in Bergen County. The benefit of signing your kids up for our classes is that you won’t just be entertaining them for a few weeks; you’ll be helping them develop skills that they’ll use as adults, too. Here are some of the things you can expect for your child when they take our karate classes:

  • Increased focus. This is especially great for kids who exhibit symptoms of ADD or who simply have trouble focusing for longer periods of time. Karate will teach them the importance of focusing their minds on a goal.

  • Stronger self confidence. This aspect is vital for both boys and girls! This self confidence doesn’t come from knowing how to kick or punch, it comes from the achievements they make in our classes and learning that their hard work can pay off.

  • Develop their listening skills. Kids will have to pay attention in our class if they want to move ahead. This will help them learn the importance of listening skills that they can put to work in other areas of their life.

  • Benefit from physical fitness. Kids are suffering from the obesity epidemic as much or more than their parents. Get your kids up and moving and watch them develop a lifelong love of fitness!

If you are ready to sign your child up for our kids karate in Bergen County, give us a call or visit our website to learn more. We can’t wait to see your child in class soon!