1. Bill Stevens Karate visits Hubbard School in Ramsey

    On October 16, 2017 Bill Stevens Karate of Ramsey NJ Visits Ramsey Hubbard School for a Karate demo. The event focused on teaching  kids the Mind and body relationships, how to deal with Bullies. The kids got a chance to try Karate and learn self defense . Thanks to my nephew Jake!…Read More

  2. Karate studio in Ramsey NJ

      Recently at our Karate studio in Ramsey NJ, we delved into the topic of discipline and are ready to explain in greater                                                                                                                                                               detail how we cultivate discipline in ou…Read More

  3. Tae kwon do studio in Ramsey nj

    At Bill Stevens Karate we have many methods for motivating students. Because of our proven success in the lives of countless adults and children, I've suggested martial arts as a vehicle for your family's improvement. The principles we practice in class have larger relevance for children in school, for adults in the work- place and for families at home. Where do you start? With a positive mental a…Read More

  4. Ramsey NJ Karate Studio

      I shared our school's technique for motivating students to try harder, which we call "Praise, Correct, Praise and Challenge." I want to offer some insight into the importance of setting the atmosphere. But first, let me ask you a question: When you were a kid, when did you ask your parents for money? When they were in a good mood, of course! You knew they'd be more receptive and generous if…Read More

  5. Martial arts for kids Ramsey NJ

    I want to discuss a concern we frequently hear from parents at Bill Stevens karate in Ramsey nj about making the right choice. They ask: "If someone asks my child to do drugs (or some other harmful activity), will he or she make the right choice? Well, in my years of experience in working with children of all ages, I've found there are two key determinants to children making the right choice. 1. L…Read More


    Last time I told you how we use POSITIVE SELF LABELING to get the most out of the children in our classes. In this post, I want to describe: Strategy #3 -- WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME For example, our instructors at Bill Stevens karate Ramsey NJ might say, "Who wants to get to the next level in martial arts?" (kids all raise their hand) "Well, if you do, you are going to have to learn this new martial art…Read More

  7. Positive Praise First -Karate in Ramsey nj

    I want to discuss a common mistake that I've seen other teachers and parents sometimes make along the way. In their desire to help children do their very best, they offer "constructive criticism" right from the very beginning. However, if children hear praise first, they are much more willing to keep improving. We train our instructors in the Ramsey Karate studio to seek the positives first, to be…Read More

  8. Have Your Next Birthday Party at Our Karate Studio in Bergen County

    Birthdays are a big deal for kids! They can also be a bit of a headache for their parents. You want your child to enjoy their birthday party, but you are running out of ideas about how to make it more fun than last year. If you've been searching for an amazing birthday party idea that is more than just another park and another box of cupcakes, check out our karate studio in Bergen County! Your chi…Read More